whatever is

A series of compositions for solo instruments or electronics. So far three compositions have been produced:
- in itself, for prepared piano
- in another, for percussion
- through itself, through another for square waves and filters.
In case of the instrumental works, each score consists of 25 A-3 sized pages, four sets of two staves on each one. The notation is parametric — spatial distances between events on the page, are to be interpreted as relative intervals of time. Relative, because no tempo is prescribed — any page can be played at a tempo chosen by the interpreter. Likewise, no order in which the pages should be played is given; a reading of the work can consist of any number of pages played in any order within a time frame with no fixed lower or upper limits. All the works from the series can be combined in any conceivable way for any single performance.

in itself [for prepared piano]

http://ernestsvilsons.com/files/gimgs/th-5_A sample page.jpg
in another
http://ernestsvilsons.com/files/gimgs/th-5_Example 1.jpg
in itself