four voices

a composition for four female voices

To each voice a set of five pitches are given within a range of a perfect fifth. These sets are partially overlapping. The score consists of four collections (one for each voice) of 15 patterns of one, two or three pitches. The duration of patterns vary from 30 to 240 seconds, the order of the patterns is not specified. The four voices are unsynchronised.

The piece was conceived, written and performed in the Karosta Water tower - a magnificent building no longer serving its purpose - during an intervention (#KarostaWaterTowerProject) by a group of artists in the summer of 2017.

The four singers to whom this piece was written are: Evija Goluba, Ieva Tālberga, Sintija Briķe and Rūta Karlīna Avotiņa. Voices (abstraction).jpg

an abstraction, three voices superimposed