Ernests Vilsons is a Latvian composer and artist. Currently studies electronic music at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, pursuing a research in birdsong, its imitation and the musical-theoretical-philosophical implications of representation and attempts at 'sonic realism'.
Writes music for acoustic instruments, generates electronic fixed-media pieces, creates sound installations.

(recording, birdsong, subtraction, mechanism, wind, solitude, sound, observation, rest, outside, relation, quietude, perception, interpretation, hearing, extension, vibration, analysis, intuition, structure, immanence, technique, representation, walking, modernity, image, space, listening, absence, capturing, derivation, filtering, ascesis, perspective(s), temporality, distance, harmony, synthesis, movement, documentation, consciousness, realism, composition, place, silence, creation, music, dissolution, duration, permanence, theory, method, romanticism, inside, experience, reification, abstraction, presence, sounding, measurement)